Keto High-Protein Breakfast Porridge Recipe

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Warm-up your morning with a high-protein porridge that will energize you throughout the day. Who would’ve thought with just 4 ingredients, you can actually have a good meal?

1/3 cup Textured Vegetable Protein
2/3 cup Almond Milk
1 tbsp Sugar-Free Maple Syrup
¼ tsp Cinnamon Powder

1. Stir together all ingredients in a microwave-safe mug.
2. Set in the microwave for 3 minutes.
3. Serve with choice of toppings

Servings: 1

Nutritional Information:
Energy – 179 kcal
Protein – 16g (31%)
Fat – 11g (47%)
Carbohydrates – 9g (22%)
Fiber – 3g

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