Keto Mug Bread with Herbs Recipe

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Another mug bread recipe that takes little time to prepare. For this one, it comes with herbs which magically add more life and flavor into the bread. You can chew on this during snack time or even breakfast when you want a filling and healthy meal. Perfectly paired with a hot drink.

1 Tbsp Olive Oil
3 Tbsp Almond Flour
½ tsp of Baking Powder
½ tsp Erythritol
½ tsp Italian Herbs
1 Egg
½ tsp dried Rosemary, as a garnish

1. Prepare all the ingredients.
2. Grease the mug with olive oil. Add all the ingredients, except for the dried dill.
3. Mix until well combined. Microwave for 90 seconds.
4. Consume directly from the mug or you can serve on a plate.
5. Slice and serve on a plate. Garnish with dried rosemary.

Servings: 1

Nutritional Information:
Energy – 466.6 kcal
Protein – 14.6g
Fat – 40.2g
Carbohydrates – 11.6g

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